Data Analytics’ Time has come

Comment: This article appeared in one of the exclusive daily Currency News™ editions that were published at the recent Banknote Conference, May 21st-24th in Dallas, Texas.

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In 2016 7 Layer Solutions Limited attended the Banknote Conference for the first time. It spoke to many people and did one demonstration of its software. Two years later, the company has attended again. And, it says, it is evident that the time for data analytics has come. By the afternoon of yesterday, it had spoken to 31 countries and presented its software to 15 central banks.

For the last two years 7 Layer has worked with the Eurozone national central bank, using their data to answer key questions. Incorporating the learnings of this work, it has launched its 2.0 version of NoteChain®, as reported in the May issue of Currency News™.

An interesting development has been its Desk Pilot programme, with 7 Layer inviting central banks to give it data sets to run, free of charge, through its NoteChain® product. This allows central banks to ‘taste’ the power of the software, simply, easily and at no cost.

According to the company, “with 25 years of product development under our belt, 7 Layer can confidently state that NoteChain® offers comprehensive solutions to managing the currency cycle”.

Link to the Pilot Programme brochure