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Welcome to 7 Layer

Formed in 1999, 7 Layer Solutions is a dedicated systems house specialising in software application development projects for the cash logistics sector. Due to our considerable experience and expertise within this environment we have undertaken outsourced development work for banks and cash in transit companies, as well as global suppliers of cash processing and vault management systems.

 Our Specialism

The scope of “Cash  Logistics” is the operational processing of cash at retail and wholesale locations, cash handling and transportation and cash inventory management.
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 Cash Logistics Development

The core business of 7 Layer Solutions is outsourced software and related services. We have an enviable track record in completing projects successfully within agreed timescales and budgets.
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Cash Cycle Survey 2018 Results: ‘Birth to Death’ Note Life Tracking increasingly straightforward’: Between 19th February and 7th March 7 Layer Solutions surveyed 72 Central Banks around the world about how they are managing their cash cycles.

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