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Photography courtesy of Mick Kennish-Ward

Tracy Kennish-Ward

Head of Marketing and Business Development

A previous director for a hardware supplier in our incestuous industry, Tracy found the transition to cash logistics software relatively smooth. She is an enthusiastic ‘people’ person, a keen communicator and loves her job, facts that manifest themselves every day in her playful attitude/nature. A strong advocate of the great working environment, Tracy often spearheads projects that maintain and enhance this balance. Her favourite tipple is Veuve Clicquot as she enjoys some of the finer things in life and if you were to deprive / starve her of cerebral stimulation, she would most definitely go insane. Like Phil, her communication style is expressive which certainly lends itself to her creativity, the company and her role. She describes herself as probably the most honest marketeer you will ever meet and a bit of a thrill seeking adrenalin junkie.

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