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We act as a developer of products for other companies, working closely with the in-house client facing teams to design, develop, deliver and support the software solutions needed by end client organisations such as retailers, commercial banks, cash centres and central banks.

Have you ever wondered where the cash that you take from an ATM or receive as cash back at a retail outlet comes from and how it got there? It goes on a considerable journey and despite scare mongering from the alternative payments industry to the contrary, cash circulation is still increasing.

The process is also labour intensive, repetitive and expensive. With decades of experience, 7 Layer has made it our business to assist all of the stakeholders in the cash logistics lifecycle by supplying enabling software that streamlines these processes. Our solutions reduce cost, increase profit, improve control and provide valuable management information.

We help answer questions like ‘where is my cash?’, ‘how much do I currently have?’ and ‘how much am I expecting?.’ Increasing emphasis on TCO and recycling models make the answers to these questions even more valuable in ensuring efficient planning.

Here is a short animation that follows a banknote on its journey.


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