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There are currently billions of banknotes in circulation. They are printed, issued and will be sorted multiple times before being destroyed. Each note contains a plethora of information that is rarely captured, let alone harnessed or analysed, data that NoteChain® can process, help you use, visualise and subsequently interpret.

So what can NoteChain® help you achieve? Its aim is not to simply answer the questions you have, but to make you ask the questions you didn’t know you should.

  1. Can you track degradation patterns by serial number?


  2. Do you have an unbiased method of comparing the performance of banknotes printed at two different factories or by two different suppliers?


  3. Can you forecast the impact of a change in clean note policy, such as reducing soil tolerance?



“Bringing insight to your banknote lifecycle through meaningful visualisations”


notechain-bulletSeries tracking

1. Can you track degradation patterns by series?

A. Assuming that all you do at the moment is sampling, there is a significant risk of important decisions being made on data that is not representative or incomplete. NoteChain® tracks and displays billions of banknote degradation patterns, enabling interrogation of meaningful quantities of information using evidence based statistics.

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notechain-bulletBanknote comparison

2. Do you have an unbiased method of comparing the performance of the same banknote printed at two different factories or by two different suppliers?

A. If not, NoteChain® can help you by analysing the empirical evidence from different factories and/or suppliers working under similar contracts and by displaying it in a comparative visualisation thus allowing you to simply compare and contrast every banknote’s feature.

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notechain-bulletForecasting change impact

3. Can you forecast the impact of a change in clean note policy, such as reducing soil tolerance?

A. Whilst making decisions solely based on your experience may be accurate, they may not be as precise as using a data driven forecasting tool like NoteChain®. ‘What if’ forecasting and prediction patterns can be mapped using hard facts rather than unproven assumptions to gauge the outcome of one or multiple variables.

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notechain-bulletNoteChain® can help with all of the questions above and many, many more. Here are some additional examples:

4. If you are planning a new series, do you have a method of evaluating its life expectancy pattern versus the old series?

5. How can you measure and better plan currency supply and demand?


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