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Our Specialism

The scope of “Cash Logistics” is the operational processing of cash at retail and wholesale locations, cash handling and transportation and cash inventory management. At one end of the scale are Central or Reserve Banks who distribute new banknotes and coin and dispose of unfit currency. At the other, the points at which the public collect and recycle money – ATMs, shops, retail enterprises and bank branches. In the middle are cash centres run by commercial banks or security companies. These are bulk processing locations for receiving, checking, sorting, stocking and re-packing cash for onward distribution via the Cash-in-Transit operators.

7 Layer Solutions are experts in this field. The company has been engaged in outsourcing contracts by a variety of banks and cash industry suppliers since its inception. In addition its senior staff have many years prior experience in cash systems development, business process consultancy and solution selling. In this specialist business few software companies can match the company’s expertise.

Cash Is King

Cash affects everybody, we all use it. Every country in the world has a currency and despite all the electronic means of payment that now exist, “Cash is King”. It remains the most popular means of payment by volume of transactions. In most countries of the world the volume of cash in circulation is still increasing every year and, although the rate of increase varies between economies, there is no sign of it being replaced or its decline. It is one of many methods of payment that are now accepted, but it remains the most common and the most acceptable.


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