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We are good at what we do
We employ intelligent people and foster their dedication, enthusiasm and flair. We apply a management style and development approach that ensures professional standards are adhered to whilst allowing for innovation and change. We consistently meet our delivery deadlines and consequently our customers provide repeat business.

We expect change and plan for it
We allocate every member of staff a personal training budget and ensure that it is spent on improving their skills and keeping abreast of the latest tools and techniques. We encourage staff to be imaginative and to undertake personal projects that explore the potential of emerging technologies and prototype new applications.

We understand our business and our customers’ business
Years of working with software in the cash logistics industry has garnered in depth knowledge of the processes and procedures within this complex and unique environment. Our technology and improvement recommendations come from this insight and the experience we have accrued as a company specialising in this field.

Glos Business finalist

Best Place to Work Award
Recognition for the unique cultural environment that 7 Layer is so proud of came in the form of second place in the category ‘Best Place to Work’ in the Gloucestershire Citizen and Gloucestershire Echo Business awards. We often say our customers are our best sales people. In this instance it is our staff. The submission was a collaborative project and content was established, written, discussed and reviewed by a number of team members. Everyone contributed sections supported by examples and staff quotes have been maintained for authenticity. A few of them are listed below.

I am very happy working at 7 Layer. It’s a great team, with a good work/life balance and plenty of opportunity to grow. 
Kim, Business Analyst.
I didn’t think comradeship was easy to find outside of the forces, but at 7 Layer the work ethic has exactly that.
Ashley, IT Support Engineer.
7 Layer is the only place I have worked where the company cares for your personal development, as much as for your professional development.
Sam, Developer.
My work impacts the company every day, giving me a great sense of personal achievement and pride.
Tracy, Head of Marketing and Business Development.
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