7 Layer shortlisted for National Tech Awards Analytics Product of the Year 2018

National Technology News was set up to represent 43 technology sectors in the UK.  It provides a news service to them, links suppliers and buyers and runs events to educate and connect professionals active in technology.  As part this, it started in 2017 an award programme to recognise excellence and achievement across a number of categories, one of these being Analytics.  7 Layer is one of 6 companies shortlisted for the 2018 Analytics Product of the year award.

7 Layer is delighted to be short listed because the awards recognise achievement in a national context and they are about the application of technology to deliver usable benefits.  The judging panel are technologists working for companies such as ARUP and Virgin Media, across FinTech and technology journalists.

7 Layer’s product, NoteChain®, uses the unique serial number assigned to each banknote to track its life from the day it was printed to the day it was destroyed. It follows the movement and degradation of each banknote every time it goes through a sorting machine. The software takes, checks and analyses data from the systems involved in printing, issuing, banknote sorting and destruction to produce key reports. Furthermore, it can forecast trends of banknotes in circulation, uncovering previously unknown patterns, to provide Central Banks with the ability to address specific operational and policy questions and areas of concern.

The winner will be announced on 17th May.