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Environmental Policy

As a company, 7 Layer Solutions firmly believes that ensuring the future of our planet and climate is the responsibility of everyone, including ourselves. To that end, we commit to pursuing solutions that reduce or offset our impact on the environment, including reducing our energy use, recycling waste and offsetting any corporate travel.

In line with this commitment to the environment, 7 Layer Solutions will commit to:

  • Use energy providers that provide our energy from 100% renewable sources
  • Seek to offset carbon emissions from annual business travel by contributing to appropriate environmental projects
  • Monitor and minimise energy usage and waste generation wherever this is possible and practicable
  • Recycle materials wherever it is possible and if it is not possible, then dispose of them in a safe and ethical manner
  • Include the consideration of environmental impact in all business strategies and initiatives
  • Endeavour to operate at all times in a way which will incur the minimum environmental impacts
  • Ensure that protection of the environment is firmly embedded in both the company’s and all employees’ culture and will endeavour to influence its suppliers and customers in a similar strategic environmental manner
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets to continuously improve the organisation’s environmental performance

The Environmental Policy is subject to an annual review, and we will ensure that the Environmental Policy is communicated to and understood at all levels of the organisation. The Environmental Policy is available to all relevant interested parties through the company web site and upon request.

7 Layer Solutions believes strongly that good business practice and sound Environmental Management are both essential factors in an efficient and successful organisation.

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