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Case study: Tellermate

7 Layer Solutions, an independent software developer specialising in the cash logistics industry, provides industry specific software solutions to Tellermate.

Client Profile

Tellermate is a leading provider of cash management solutions to the retail, grocery, food service and financial industries. The company is the inventor of count-by-weight technology and the intelligent cash drawer. Its technology processes over £1 billion daily across the globe. UK headquarters are home to the engineering, research & development, product and executive teams. National offices are located in Atlanta, Paris, Heidelberg, Madrid and Tokyo. Tellermate’s mission is to improve the profitability of their customers by providing next generation end-to-end cash-management solutions, from innovative software to connected cash-counting products.


Having worked together on a project for the UK’s leading ‘Food on the Go’ supplier, our two companies began a new collaboration to produce a fully integrated cash management platform to add to the Tellermate solution suite. In conjunction with their count by weight technology, we designed the software to give full visibility of a stores cash and facilitate the simplification, streamlining and management of all of the in store cash processes. Delighted with the results both parties achieved by bringing together our domain knowledge in a partnership with the shared ethos of quality, we then continued to work with Tellermate on their intelligent till drawer concept, complementing the hardware by creating the accompanying LiveDrawer Manager software element.


With the increasing desire for real time visibility and the need to eliminate cash loss across all touchpoints of the retail arena, Tellermate recognised a shift in their client’s requirements to provide solutions that shine a spotlight on these issues.


7 Layer have successfully and profitably worked with multiple sized organisations to produce all types of software solutions in this niche sector for in excess of 20 years. We understand our trade and our industry, possessing the full set of skills and tools, as well as the robust and proven processes to deliver and deploy the highest quality results on time and within budget.


Tellermate recognised that they needed the skillset to integrate hardware and software elements flexibly in a number of environments for the solution sell required by their industry sector, but they did not have the specific in-house expertise.


7 Layer were able to provide a flexible component based solution that operates across multiple platforms to suit the diverse retail sector ecosystem, with multiple interface options to facilitate the maximum number of possible integration options.

The demanding nature of the retail industry has often meant long lead times and the need for lengthy trial periods to prove ROI before purchase is made.
7 Layer are an agile and adaptable organisation that supports its partners throughout our collaborations, both operationally and commercially..


A mutually beneficial partnership of like-minded companies working closely together to provide our client and our client’s clients exactly what they need. Our solutions reduce cost, increase profit, improve control and provide valuable management information. To achieve this for all parties we strive as a team to produce both easy and elegant software. We believe software should be easy to buy, deploy, use and evaluate the benefits which in turn should mean it has been elegantly defined, designed, developed and delivered.

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