7 Layer are proud to announce the release of NoteChain® 1.0.10.

NoteChain® has been around for a while, but we wanted to announce the release of the latest and most up to date version.

Significant content comes with the new release, the stand out item being the introduction of the forecast and modelling wizard. This new step by step approach to building, forming and reforming your forecasting from existing data, allows for both a scientific and management view of the ‘what if’ questions. This new functionality is the first of its kind in the industry and will allow both operational and policy makers to make empirical decisions based on proven data. This level of support for end users really takes NoteChain® to the next level in terms of customer value and user experience.

“What would happen if I introduced a clean note policy to improve banknotes in circulation? How would it affect my print demand?” – NoteChain® has the answer…

Additionally a new visualisation has been implemented giving the user a view on how much a banknote (denomination, series etc.) costs in circulation per day. This allows for policy makes and banknote design decisions to be influenced based on an objective view of cost.

With our end users always in mind, the team have also bought in big improvements in the navigation between visualisations, allowing for a quicker more intuitive experience.

Roll on 1.0.11, which will bring a new configuration tool, a new visualisation and also further implementation of banknote cost through the product…

If  you’d like access to our hosted environment, please complete our contact form in the Interact with us page, supplying your name and company details.